AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification – Prep Course

Obtaining the certificate of AWS Cloud Practitioner has significant appeal.

One of the main draw is that AWS has approximately 33% of the market share among today’s most extensive cloud services.

Some of the well-known companies rely on AWS for their top projects.

So, holding an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification will take you one step further to earning your dream job in the best of companies.

Prepare for your AWS Cloud Practitioner Foundation certification exam by attending the prep course with Centre for Micro-Credentials (CMC).

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Foundation certification exam is intended for anyone who has a background in IT or Computer Science.  It is recommended that you are a 2nd or final year student from the IT or Computer Science programmes in either UOL or UOW.


Course Outline:

  1. Two e-Learning sessions on Introduction to Networking as refresher/recap.
  2. Sessions 1 to 8 are on AWS content.
  3. Sessions 9 & 10 for SIM Mock Exam, AWS Certification exam preparation.
  4. Students must complete the content in AWS LMS before each SIM session.
  5. The workshops sessions will be tutorial, lab practice, discussion based, following the AWS content.


Structure 10 sessions x 3-hr In-Person Lab Hands-on

Additional 2 x 3-hr  e-Learning

Course Fee $30 x 10 sessions = $300.00 (before GST)

With 7% GST = $321.00

Exam Fee (USD$150.00)  Sponsored by SIM GE

Condition/s apply: full attendance at Prep course.

Course dates September 2022:

7, 9*, 12, 13, 14, 16*, 19*, 20, 21*, 23*

Time: 12pm to 3pm except dates with *

are 3.30pm to 6.30pm

Registration To register, log on to SIMConnect > My Apps > Service Centre > Micro-Credentials > select drop down box > AWS1.

Registration closing date: 23 Aug 2022

In the event of insufficient enrolment numbers, SIM GE reserves the right to cancel the course.  Email notification will be sent to registered students, and a full course fee will be refunded.


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