Credit Analyst Programme (Series 2)

The CAP is to prepare participants for a position that requires them to read, analyse and assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers. Students will learn how to read and analyse the financial stability of potential borrowers and be able to prepare a comprehensive credit report.

The five-day practical and hands-on course prepares participants to study and analyse the financial state of a company in order to make sound financial and business decisions.

As a requirement of the course, participants must prepare a credit report of a listed company and be able to present their analysis one-week after the five-day course.

This course is part two of three from the domain Analyst Training programme, comprising Industry Analyst, Credit Analyst, and Project and Equity Investment Analyst.


Learning Objectives:


Day 1:

  • The Credit Management Process
  • The Business and Its Environment
  • Understanding Financial Statements

Days 2 & 3:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Financial ratios – types – calculation
    • Evaluating financial health, profitability changes

Day 4:

  • Beyond The Traditional Financial Analysis
    • Liquidity and cash flow analysis
    • Benchmarking against industry standards

Day 5:

  • Writing a Credit Report
    • Format / structure and content of a Credit Report
    • Sourcing for information / interviewing the borrower


  • 6-day course
  • 7 hours per day

Course Fees:

  • S$400 for current students


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