Design Thinking for Omnichannel Innovation and Business Solutions (a SIM-Adonis co-certification course)

This 4 half-day course is intensely hands-on where students will experience an immersive facilitation of Design Thinking applied to the context of omnichannel retail innovation and solutions. This course compares Design Thinking with other models of problem solving, brainstorming and implementation, using a blend of principles, simulation and gamification to cover the 5 steps of Design Thinking.

This course is co-certified by SIM and Adonis – award-winning homegrown wellness brand.


Learning Objectives:

  • Acquire Design Thinking skills covering the 5 steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test
  • Be able to identify and clarify commonly misunderstood characteristics of a trend, problem, scenario, outcome and goal
  • Acquire knowledge and apply their creativity for new inventions in omnichannel retailing and business solutions using the principles and techniques of Design Thinking
  • Gain new perspectives of the opportunities and challenges of omnichannel retailing through Design Thinking


  • 4-day course
  • 5 hours per day

Course Fees:

  • S$120 for current students


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