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10 Best Free Things to Do Aboard World@Sea

10 Best Free Things to Do Aboard World@Sea

By Nicole Carlson (Office of Global Learning)


World@Sea is a unique environment in which people can live, learn and relax together while experiencing the world, networking and building their resume. Each World@Sea voyage is a fascinating mix of people from different cultures, ages, professions and countries. The wide range of experiences and perspectives add flair to such a culture of peace and curiosity, and create an eclectic on-board environment that mirrors the diversity of the world and its peoples. Check out this article to see 10 free ways to make the most of your global experience at World@Sea!


1. Learn a New Language


As the World@Sea host, Peace Boat, is a Japan based organization, life on-board is mainly conducted in Japanese and English, and some aspects of life on-board, such as food and festivities, do reflect Japanese culture. There are however many nationalities on-board, and there is always a lively international presence – languages spoken on deck have included not only English and Japanese, but also Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean, Swahili and even Sign Language. While a team of volunteer interpreters/translators are readily available for assistance, World@Sea is a perfect chance to learn or practice foreign languages while surrounded by friends and colleagues in the global environment!



2. Attend an International Conference


During each voyage, World@Sea organizes a range of educational activities, including seminars by guest educators, workshops, lectures, language classes and cultural programs. The themes of these activities link the World@Sea topics with contemporary issues in the countries we visit, connecting participants with people around the world. Guest Educators, ranging from university professors to community activists, and World@Sea staff give lectures or workshops about the history, culture, and contemporary issues of countries along the voyage, as well as on global issues including human rights, peace education, the environment and sustainable development. These events provide hands-on training in intercultural communication, global affairs, conflict prevention and resolution, leadership and much more!



3.Chill with Your On Board Family


Each World@Sea participant will be paired with a “Family” Group for the voyage. These Families are grouped together from among the whole group of voyagers, and exchange meals, stories and laughs throughout the journey – supporting each other during the highly unique intercultural cruise experience. You could have a Japanese “Mother”, Brazilian “Father”, and gain a new “pet dog” along the journey!



4. Form a Team for Sports Day


Sports and fun transcend language and cultural barriers on-board a World@Sea voyage. The outdoor sports deck is a venue for basketball, soccer, karate, volleyball, tai-chi and also a rehearsal space for dance or musical performances. The sports deck is packed to full capacity on Sports Day, when teams compete in a wide range of activities including cheering, tug of war, jump rope, and other festival-type games. On normal days, the open-air decks are also spaces to watch the roll of the ocean, take a swim in one of the pools or chat and meet with other participants.



5. Be a Model in a Global Fashion Show


Do you have a traditional costume? Do you make your own clothes or costumes? Come showcase them at World@Sea! The diversity of cultures that participants encounter on-board World@Sea is celebrated in the many festivals and cultural events held on-board. Such events include carnivals, festivals, World@Sea Culture Day, and even a wedding ceremony, as voyage celebrations or platforms to showcase the wide array of different cultures. To prepare, art and craft groups form on each voyage, often working to create something to be presented at an event, in a port of call or used as part of an advocacy campaign.



6. Take a Salsa Dance Class


Participants have the chance to be an active part of these events and experience hands-on the music, dances and culture of the different countries and regions visited. The on-board Culture School also leads regular classes and workshops on different activates ranging from Salsa to Yoga, Tai-Chi, dancing, painting, and others, complimenting participants’ daily activities and providing a change to gain new skills, interests and friends while on-board.



7. Attend or Participate in a Music Festival


In ports of call, local musicians, singers, dancers and performers are invited onto Peace Boat to share their cultural history, heritage and identity with participants. Every voyage is colored with this celebration of differences, and past on-board events have included performances from a New York gospel choir, participant formed- rock group, to a traditional singing group from South Africa. Bring your talent to showcase your own or your friend’s culture aboard World@Sea!




8. Run Your Own Event!


World@Sea programs are supplemented by a wide variety of events planned and run by participants, who are encouraged to actively share their interests, talents and life experiences. The result is a constantly action-packed daily schedule of dozens of activities, including expert lectures on global issues, Aikido lessons, Swahili conversation exchanges, documentary movie screenings, soccer games on deck, comedy, stargazing, or any other topic imaginable. Participants book venues in advance and publicize their events through the on-board newspaper and word of mouth. You will also be encouraged to share – what skills, knowledge or experience will you bring on-board?



9. Make Friends


Peace Boat voyages creates a unique environment in which people can live, learn and relax together while exploring the world. During each voyage, Peace Boat organizes a range of educational activities, including conferences by guest educators, workshops, lectures, language classes and cultural programs. The themes of these activities link Peace Boat’s fields of work with contemporary issues in the countries we visit, connecting participants with people around the world.



10. Have the Experience of a Lifetime!


Travel in itself can be a life-changing experience – but the extremely diverse platform at World@Sea leads to an extremely unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else on land or sea. With the base framework of the program plus all other opportunities possible at World@Sea, you have the chance to personalize your own academic and cultural experience on board one of the most culturally and academically unique platforms in the world. Come join us for an unforgettable, life changing summer at sea!




World@Sea offers a once in a lifetime academic holiday experience on the floating global village of Peace Boat, a Japan-based international cruise dedicated to cultural exchange and experience! Visit amazing destinations on a voyage throughout Asia!


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