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6 Reasons to Learn Korean

6 Reasons to Learn Korean

By Mary Yuh (Office of Global Learning)


Do you want to be able to watch Korean drama without subtitles? Do you want to be able to understand cultural references and jokes? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to immediately understand the lyrics of your favorite K-pop songs? Now is your chance to learn Korean in a most interactive and fun way at SIM Global Learning’s Korean Culture & Language Classes (CAL-KR), with both interactive language classes and a diverse range of complementary cultural activities such as K-pop Dance, Taekwondo and Korean Cooking workshops! If even the above is not enough, take a look at below reasons why you should learn Korean!



1. Better Understanding of Korean Culture and Concepts


Perhaps you have been fascinated by Korean movies or TV, or K-pop artists like PSY, Girls Generation, and Big Bang, and ever since developed an interest in Korean culture. While most viewers and fans are satisfied with using subtitles or online translation, learning the Korean language can help you have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Korean songs and shows. The Korean language isn’t as difficult as it seems! Studying Hangul, the Korean alphabet, can help you master the basics. With some effort and practice – and new friends such as your classmates and the CAL-KR Teaching Assistants – you’ll soon be understanding the words, phrases, and even cultural references behind the TV plots or backdrop, Korean songs and interviews with your favorite Korean idols. Not only will this help you understand the modern Korea, but also will give you a better understanding of the fascinating country and its long, rich history.



2. Boost Your Brain


There are many academic or mental benefits to learning a new language! Learning a new language stimulates intellectual growth, memory and multitasking skills. Learning to read and write Korean is one of the great pleasures for any aspiring speaker as it is logical, consistent, and wonderfully elegant in its construction. The Korean letter, Hangul, is recognized by UNESCO as one of the most scientific alphabets in the world, which anyone can master in a couple of hours – in fact, some tribal communities in Indonesia and Africa have adopted the alphabet as the writing system of their own language. It’s a collection of letters that can form any sound or word from around the world. The chance to master Hangul is all the motivation you need to learn the Korean language.



3. Improve Personal and Business Relationships


If you know the Korean language and its culture, it will surely come in handy in today’s world. With the mega companies like Samsung, LG and Hyundai, Korea is the 13th largest economy in the world.  If your future employer is doing business in Korea or expanding to the Korean market, knowing the language will be very beneficial to your team, and thus make you a valuable member. Of course you can also use Korean with your friends and loved ones and with your favorite Korean idols if you are lucky enough to bump into them!



4. Better Travel Experience


You can travel without speaking a word of Korean, of course – however, if you know a bit of Korean, it will definitely ensure a better travel experience. You can ask for more discounts, develop a closer relationship with the locals, or even meet your better half during your travel and consider settling in Korea.



5. New Opportunities


Companies worldwide are increasingly looking to global markets, and many employers and agents are looking for talented individuals with multiple language competencies and knowledge of overseas cultures and markets. Being competent in Korean will look great on your resume and will help you stand out from your peers – it will make you an attractive addition to any team doing business or expanding to Korea. Not only will it open up doors in your business life, but your personal life will be enhanced with a broadened social network, cultural competencies and manners, and increased possibilities for the future!



6. Become More Globally Competent


Discover Korea on a close level! SIM Global Learning emphasizes learning by experience. You will be emerged in interactive Korean Language and Cultural classes thereby gaining confidence and knowledge in not only Korean language but its society and culture – not to mention new local and native Korean friends! This soft skill will help you to develop your intercultural competence, gain global experiences and build up your general knowledge.