Intro to Paid Online Advertising


Course structure:  3 half-days + 5 hours of asynchronous e-learning.

Day 1:  18 Oct, 9am to 12pm (3 hours) Face-to-Face Classroom Workshop.

Day 2:  19 Oct, 9am to 12pm (3 hours) Online Asynchronous Workshop.

Day 3:  20 Oct, 9am to 12pm (3 hours) Online Asynchronous Workshop.

5 hours of e-learning within a 5-day period for independent reading and project.



Learning Outcome


“Intro to Paid Online Advertising” equips learners with knowledge and skills on the basic types, structures and placements of paid online advertising, including PPC and PPM on popular digital platforms such as Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and Meta (Facebook).  Additionally, this workshop will cover the various formats of paid advertisements – such as carousel ads, text search ads, non-skippable video ads – available on different platforms.  More importantly, learners will gain critical thinking skills in understanding and identifying how different ad types are suitable for different advertising goals, audience and budget.



This is not a search engine algorithm or coding course.



Course Fees


S$120 for current students


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