Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (a SIM-Validus co-certification course)

This 4-Day Course “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)” is co-designed and co-certified by SIM’s Centre for Micro-Credentials and Validus Capital, Singapore’s largest SME-financing company.

Participants will gain knowledge on the characteristics, milestones, segments and limitations of A.I., with a focus on how A.I. is effectively applied in the FinTech vertical.

With a focus in the financial sector, participants will understand the mechanics of how A.I. is used to trade the market, the impact of A.I. integration on the banking landscape as well as the adoption of A.I. to enable financial inclusion for SMEs and the unbanked population.


Learning Objectives:

  • Grasp key concepts on the features, benefits and limitations of A.I., and how the characteristics of A.I. can be effectively applied in the FinTech space and beyond
  • Identify the challenges of financial inclusion, and explain how A.I. can enable financial access to businesses and individuals
  • Recognize problems and opportunities where A.I. can be used to improve social, environmental and governing practices locally, nationally and globally


  • 4-day course
  • 5 hours per day

Course Fees:

  • S$120 for current students


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