Project and Equity Investment Analyst Programme (Series 3)

The PEIAP prepares participants for an investment analyst career by learning to evaluate the financial viability of project investment proposals and be able to rank them accordingly. Participants will also learn to appraise the investment attractiveness of the individual equities and structure them into an ideal equity portfolio.

This five-day practical and hands-on course provides participants with an insight into the working world of project investments and financing, investment banking, equity research and investments; as well as portfolio management, M&A, MBO, LBO, private equity and venture capital.

As a requirement of the course, participants must prepare an equity report of a listed company and be able to present their analysis one-week after the five-day course.

This course is part three of three from the Analyst Training programme series, comprising Industry Analyst, Credit Analyst, and Project and Equity Investment Analyst.


Learning Objectives:


Day 1: Investment Analysis

  • Project Investment Analysis and Evaluation
  • Equity Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Day 2: Project Financial Viability Evaluation

  • Traditional project viability evaluation
  • Modern project viability evaluation

Days 3 & 4: Evaluating Enterprise and Equity Valuation

  • Intrinsic Valuation, Discount cashflow analysis approach, Financial drivers
  • Investment recommendation and Application of intrinsic valuation
  • Financial statement forecast and intrinsic valuation

Portfolio Structuring and Management

  • Relative Valuation, Capital appreciation potential
  • Income stream, Capital preservation

Day 5: Presenting an Equity Investment Report

  • Objectives and the Construction of an Equity Investment Report
  • Essential features and Investment advisory provision


  • 6-day course
  • 7 hours per day

Course Fees:

  • S$400 for current students


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