Python Programming Intermediate

This module is the second part of Introduction to Python Programming. It introduces students to the related standard libraries to write programs for automate analytics processes. The topics covered include NumPy and Pandas data package.

The aim of this module provide students with hands-on experience of writing Python programs with focus on data analysis and expose students to practical python examples of data analytics using various datasets.


Learning Objectives:


  • Python programming language as a data science and analytic tool
  • Basic features in NumPy (Numerical Python) and Pandas
  • Coding in Python to analyse data with the help of open source libraries such as NumPy and Pandas
  • Analysing data using Python NumPy and Pandas data package
  • Demonstrate transferable skills in Problem-solving, Self-Management and Resourcefulness


  • 5 sessions, 3 hours per session

Course Fees:

  • S$150 for current students


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