Daniel Ho Sheng
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Daniel Ho Sheng

Strategist & Communicator

Bachelor of Arts (Communication)

SIM-University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

December 2012

Daniel Ho Sheng manages projects and partnerships for Mothership.sg, one of Singapore’s most iconic and widely-read digital news sites. He studied communication and international relations, and is an alumnus of the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

Daniel came to SIM without a well-defined plan.

“What is public relations? What does political communication entail? Journalism and advertising sound great, but do I really want to do those for the rest of my life? Hang on…why did I even select this course? But that’s okay, because life takes you in the strangest of ways and every experience – channeled appropriately – can work for good. It sure did for me.”

Daniel saw how his peers struggled to find their place in the greater community, and set out to change that.

“I realised, look, there are some really brilliant folks in school but for some reason (or some combination of reasons) they either lack self-belief, or lack the outlets to express and develop their strengths and passions. At that age, societal pressure can be daunting and false stereotypes deeply damaging, but nothing good comes without a fight and we decided that this was a cause well worth pursuing. Just look how our programme has grown and the amazing things our juniors are doing for themselves and their communities – our hard work was not for naught!”

Daniel learnt to take a step back every now and then to refocus on the bigger picture.

“It’s human to get caught up in the things that affect us most immediately and materially, but a student’s life isn’t just about school and neither is a worker’s life all about work. There’s health, family, people who need our help. There’s an entire world out there that would do way better if only we stopped missing the forest for the trees.”