Gabriel Koh Jun Rong
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Gabriel Koh Jun Rong

Finance Enthusiast & Adventure-Seeker

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking & Finance

SIM-University of London

June 2016

Gabriel Koh is currently pursuing further education in finance at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. He is an alumnus of the Banking and Finance programme offered by the University of London.

Gabriel came to SIM, unprepared for the new environment.

“I was intimidated by the unfamiliar environment and scope of study, and was really nervous when I had to socialise with my peers. But my fears were misplaced…the people I met were really friendly and approachable. In retrospect, I may have been a little unprepared and overly cautious. It was only by the end of my first year that I found my footing and really gained momentum.”

Gabriel soon saw how meaningful it was helping others beyond his immediate community.

“If you were to ask me about the most memorable experience I had in school, it would not have been the classes I took. Neither would it have been the academic enrichment activities outside class. It would probably be working together with other students to improve the lives of the disabled and those undergoing rehabilitation.”

Gabriel learnt to be bold in life.

On one of his term breaks, Gabriel went on a month-long backpacking trip in which he hiked 8 mountains in different parts of Europe. His hiking experience taught him several important life lessons.

“Having a plan gives actions a purpose, and being adequately prepared can save one lots of unnecessary trouble later on. I had to learn this the hard way – during the hike in the French Alps, while others were geared in their hiking boots, walking sticks and maps, I was without any proper equipment or navigational tools.

Also, life is too short to unnecessarily worry about what can go wrong. Dream big, work smart, and don’t be afraid to fail.”