A strong culture of health and well-being amongst SIM GE students where each one takes responsibility for personal and community wellness.


To be agents of change championing the adoption of a healthy lifestyle through the planning and execution of initiatives and programmes


1. To encourage greater self-awareness

2. Raise awareness of current health issues

3. Advocate healthy lifestyle choices


1. Make a positive difference in the lives of fellow students

2. Opportunities to spearhead wellness activities for the SIM GE population

3. Shaping the wellness culture in SIM GE

4. Certification in CPR/First Aid / AED (Optional)

5. Development of social and emotional competencies through training or project management


The expectations of Wellness Advocates include, but are not limited to:

1. Involvement in the planning and implementaton of :

  • 2 Wellness Weeks and 2 wellness activities

2. Marketing and representing the Wellness Advocates Program and Student Wellness Centre in a professional manner.

3. Attendance at:

  • 2 talks held in Student Wellness Centre
  • 1 optimal living workshop (consisting of 3 sessions)
  • 1 training
  • 1 annual camp

4. Be on duty at the Student Wellness Centre

  • a minimum of 5 hours per month

Eligibility Criteria

1. Has at least one more year to completion of studies

2. Believes in the vision and mission of the SIM Wellness Advocates

3. Has the passion to make a difference in the lives of others

4. Committed to the cause of wellness promotion

5. Responsible in the following through with the initiatives and programmes

6. Non-smoker

To Apply

Email for the application form and you will be contacted for an interview if you are shortlisted.

Wellness Advocates