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Esprimere Singing Club

Esprimere Singing Club

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SIM Esprimere club welcomes anyone with a passion for singing and wish to further refine their craft. The club comprises of talented individuals experimenting and performing songs from a variety of music genres.


With the mission to mould all Esprimereans into confident, vivacious and professional performers, the club conducts weekly training sessions mentored by seniors and professional music coach to develop skills such as voice projection and correct singing techniques. The members are then given their stage to shine in the annual concert where they showcase their vocal talents.


Key Past Achievements

2014     Esprimere Sings

2015     Esprimere PK Night

2016     Showcase: Its my voice

2017     Showcase: Just Dream Lah!


Social Media Links


Facebook: SIM Esprimere Singing Club Official Page

Instagram: @esprimeresings