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Arts & Culture

Japanese Culture and Gaming Society

Immerse yourself in our gaming community and the colorful world of Japanese animation, cosplay, manga, and the Japanese culture.

Dance Art

Dance takes an art form and transcends into beautiful expression over here through Jazz and Contemporary dance.


Take a step into the world of ballroom dancing where you discover that dance is so much more than a leisurely affair. It’s a sport!


Bounce ‘n’ bop to music hits and slick beats as you “Dance to express; not impress”.

Esprimere Singing Club

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next vocal talent or simply just have a passion for singing? Join us, take center stage, and sing your heart out.

Film and Performing Arts Society

Discover more about yourself in different characters & emotions as you explore the realms of performing arts & theatre. All the world’s a stage, so let’s live it in Lights, Camera, Action!

Guitar Club

Ever dreamed of serenading that special someone or perhaps playing your favourite tune? Learn more and develop a further interest into this popular musical instrument in a club that welcomes both beginners & experienced guitarists!

Malay Cultural and Muslim Society

Discover what it means to be Malay & Muslim in the world today. Let us celebrate and preserve the Malay culture & heritage together!

Photography Club

Capture the world through your lenses as we explore the world together with other photography enthusiasts.

Salsa En Soul

Live it up in this dance of strong passion & rhythmic energy. Come, light up the floor with us!

String Ensemble

Grace the stages and soothe the hearts of many in our quest for music appreciation through a classical mix of string instruments.