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Esprimere Singing Club

Esprimere Singing Club

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SIM Esprimere club welcomes anyone passionate about singing and honing their skill! The club comprises of talented individuals performing and experimenting with a variety of different musical genres.


With the mission to mould all Esprimereans into confident, vivacious and professional performers, the club conducts weekly training sessions mentored by seniors and a professional music coach to develop skills such as voice projection and correct singing techniques. Members are also given a stage to shine in the annual concert where they get to showcase their vocal talents.


Key Past Achievements/ Events

2014     Esprimere Sings

2015     Esprimere PK Night

2016     Showcase: Its my voice

2017     Showcase: Just Dream Lah!

2019     Esprimere Song Battle

Social Media Links


Facebook: SIM Esprimere Singing Club Official Page

Instagram: @esprimeresings