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Guitar Club

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Just like how the Guitar is a versatile instrument, SIM Guitar Club is flexible, adaptable, and creative; pushing the boundaries of Music as a family of musicians. 


SIM Guitar Club was founded in 2003 by a group of music enthusiasts. This group of passionate guitarists has since grown into a family and ensemble of musicians made up of three sections: Rhythm, Melody, and Base. SIM Guitar Club has also branched out creatively by incorporating classical, jazz, rock, and alternative genres in their repertoire over the years.


Sharing the joys of Guitar playing through their self-run Beginners’ classes and developing musicians able to arrange and conduct pieces, the club continues to strive for excellence in the coming years.


Key Past Achievements/ Events

2015 SIM Guitar Club X-Change Camp
2016 SIM Guitar Club Concert Behind the Strings III: Enchanted
2017 SIM Guitar Club Concert Behind the Strings IV: Reverie
2018 Classical Guitar Beginners Course
SIM Guitar Club X-Change Camp
Electric Guitar Workshop
SIM Guitar Club Concert Behind the Strings V: Kairos
2019 Acoustic Beginners Course
Music Arrangement Workshop
SIM Guitar Club X-Change Camp
SIM Guitar Club Concert Behind the Strings V: Aberration

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Facebook: SIM Guitar Club

Instagram: @simguitarclub

Youtube: SIM GuitarClub