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SIM-RMIT Student Council

SIM-RMIT Student Council endeavor to achieve a vibrantly enriching campus life to all SIM-RMIT students.

SIM-UB Student Council

SIM-UB Student Council endeavours to foster an identity of being a UB student at SIM.

SIM-UOB Student Council

SIM UOB Student Council seeks to promote educational, arts, sports, social and welfare activities among its members.

SIM-UOL Student Council

SIM-UOL Student Representative Council strive to promote a vibrant and holistic campus experience that moves beyond mere academic excellence.

SIM-UOW Student Council

SIM-UOW Student Council aims to bring a vibrant student life and to provide opportunities for developing leadership skills, provide networking as well as team-building opportunity.

SIM-UOS Student Council


SIM-UOS Student Council aspires to cultivate a dynamic culture and build an identity for Stirling students in SIM, through the provision of non-academic experiences and  opportunities.