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SIM Student Life is all about helping you achieve a rich, colourful experience in your campus life and beyond. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey and that experience is not limited to only the classrooms. At SIM Global Education, we play a vital role to supplement the conventional “Learning Beyond The Classroom” through activities that foster self-discovery, leadership, team-building, and friendship.

We want to help you attain this experience through developing your Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.

Heart – We guide you to be develop values and an attitude while imbuing a sense of belonging with the school.
Mind – We equip you with skills through a conducive environment to learn and apply knowledge.
Soul – We provide avenues for expression and creativity.
Strength – We encourage performance excellence & resilience.

SIM Student Life supports the student’s artistic and athletic pursuits. We believe art inspires creativity and expression, while sport builds resilience, teamwork and resolve.

With nearly 80 student clubs, you have ample opportunities to be leaders. As you do so, you develop your own leadership style; be responsible for your decisions and actions, and attain greater self-awareness.

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