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Director’s Message

With the rising number of graduates and fierce competition for jobs, employers are looking for more than just academic achievements. To gain employment and be successful in your chosen occupation, you need to have the effective mix of knowledge, skills and attitudes. This is all about employability.

How do we develop employability skills that employers look for? A good indicator is to focus on potential. Potential is defined as the ability to adapt to changing business coupled with the potential to learn new ones. I have chosen 4 indicators with the acronym A.C.A.D.

Aspiration: A strong desire to achieve. To leave your mark but with a deep commitment to big, collective goals, show deep personal humility and invest in getting better at everything you do.

Curiousity: To be on the lookout for new knowledge, ideas and experience to improve ourselves. This enables us to navigate the evolving world with curiousity and positivity.

Ambition: Hungry, passionate and engaged individuals are more employable. There tend to be  no limits to what they can do.

Determination: Individual’s with potential  set high goals and do what’s necessary to attain them. They also tend to be both tenacious and resilient.

It is the combination of classroom knowledge that you gained coupled with the out- of- classroom experience and positive A.C.A.D traits that can set you apart and  help you attain  fulfilment in your career.

I urge you to make an effort to participate in the whole student experience during your learning journey in SIM Global Education. This includes engaging in your academic studies, co-curricular activities, community services, global learning and work experience. This will prepare you well for employment and employability.

Dr Timothy Chan

Student Life Division

SIM GE CEO’s welcome message

SIM Project 1095

Life is so much more than just books, exams and qualifications. This is especially true if you are a student at SIM Global Education.

To us, your education encompasses a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and activities; both inside and outside of the typical classroom.

Learn more about the many facets of student life in SIM GE.

About Project 1095

EDGE Awards

The EDGE Award is a prestigious certificate, developed in partnership with employers, to recognise your cumulative achievements in your learning journey.

As you work towards the Award, we hope that the process will assist you to make the most of your time at SIM GE and eventually to be able to formally demonstrate the skills and attributes you have developed to prospective employers.

The Award is open to all Final year students and the application deadline is 9 April 2018.

Upcoming Events

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Survival Korean for Tourists Course (28th May – 1st June) . Applications opens from
04 May to 27 May

APPLY NOW! Global Learning is offering a 4-day Survival Korean for Tourists course on: Dates: 28th May(Mon)‬, 29th May(Tue), 30th May(Wed) and 1st June(Thu)‬ Time: 2pm-4pm

FINAL CALL! Study abroad in the United States and South Korea! . Applications opens from
04 May to 27 May

FINAL CALL! HURRY & APPLY for the following summer programs on SIMConnect under "Self Service - Apply for Global Learning Programs"! University of California, Berkeley . Sungkyunkwan University . Hanyang University . Dongguk University

SIMxVeCo: Global Cities Programme (1st July – 28th July) . Applications opens from
04 May to 04 Jun

You are invited to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, at the SIMxVeco Global Cities Programme in Global Affairs and Business. Earn academic credit (6 credits) while you explore the garden city of Singapore, discover the futuristic desert playground in Dubai and soak up the art, culture and history of picturesque Brussels. The 4-week programme will take place from 1st – 28th July 2018, and provide an opportunity for you to work on real company projects (externships) from around the globe in Asian, Middle-Eastern and European environments. This is the first program of its kind, created by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and Belgium’s Vesalius College (VeCo).

Career Seminar Day for Fresh Grads (Run 1)
23 May, 10:00am to 6:00pm

Accounting Innovation Challenge – Up to $10,000 cash prizes to be won!
02 Jun

The first-ever accounting hackathon in Singapore is coming this June! Create the future of accounting today and win up to $10,000 in cash prizes at the first-ever accounting hackathon! Organised by the Singapore Accountancy Commission and CPA Australia, the Accounting Innovation Challenge taking place on 2-3 June and 22 June (finals) is a platform for you to create innovative solutions to real problems in the accounting industry. This exciting nationwide event is open to all students (regardless of discipline and major), graduates and professionals. Grab this opportunity now!