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Director’s Message

As we look forward to 2017 with cautious optimism, employability will continue to be a buzzword.

Employability is about having an effective mix of knowledge, skills and attitudes to make you  likely to gain employment and be successful in your chosen careers.

How do we develop employability skills that employers look for? A good indicator is  to focus on potential. Potential is defined as the ability to adapt to changing business coupled with the potential to learn new ones. I have chosen 4 indicators with the acronym A.C.A.D.

Aspiration: A strong desire to achieve. To leave your mark but with a deep commitment to big, collective goals, show deep personal humility and invest in getting better at everything you do.

Curiousity: To be on the lookout for new knowledge, ideas and experience to improve ourselves. This enables us to navigate the evolving world with curiousity and positivity.

Ambition: Hungry, passionate and engaged individuals are more employable. There tend to be  no limits to what they can do.

Determination: Individual’s with potential  set high goals and do what’s necessary to attain them. They also tend to be both tenacious and resilient.

It is the combination of classroom knowledge that you gained coupled with the out- of- classroom experience and positive A.C.A.D traits that can set you apart and  help you attain  fulfilment in your career.

Dr Timothy Chan

Student Life Division

SIM GE CEO’s welcome message

SIM Project 1095

Life is so much more than just books, exams and qualifications. This is especially true if you are a student at SIM Global Education.

To us, your education encompasses a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and activities; both inside and outside of the typical classroom.

Learn more about the many facets of student life in SIM GE.

About Project 1095

EDGE Awards

The EDGE Award is a prestigious certificate, developed in partnership with employers, to recognise your cumulative achievements in your learning journey.

As you work towards the Award, we hope that the process will assist you to make the most of your time at SIM GE and eventually to be able to formally demonstrate the skills and attributes you have developed to prospective employers.

The Award is open to all Final year students and the application deadline is 30 September 2017.

Upcoming Events

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Hire-Me Sept Series – You & Your Career
12 Sep to 29 Sep

Have a burning desire to work in your dream company? Want to know the secret behind landing a full-time job right after graduation? Sign up for the workshops today and receive first-hand knowledge about what companies are looking for. Stay ahead of the crowd and take the first step towards your dream today.

Sign up for CFA (SG) Institute Research Challenge 2017/2018 – SIM Internal Selection Round
15 Sep to 08 Oct

SIM intercollegiate Music Competition
20 Sep, 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Career Connect x AIESEC Roadshow-Let Your Dreams Set Sail
20 Sep, 11:00am to
22 Sep, 4:00pm

Career Connect X AIESEC is a 3-days roadshow of fun, interactive games, career awareness and social responsibility as we partner with AIESEC in SIM, SuitYourself, Hearted Moments and In My Shoes. Do come down to join in the activities from 11am-4pm at the Student Hub, Stage Area and bring your friends along too! Prizes to be won when you take part in our game stations during the 3 days!

Virtual Career Fair-Navigate Your True North
22 Sep, 9:00am to
25 Sep, 6:00pm

Navigate Your True North! Gain a career edge by participating in our 1st Virtual Career Fair! You will get to meet over 20 companies and students can look at job positions relating to the Banking, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology industries. Be Ready, Be Prepared!

SIM Indian Society ‘UMANG 2017’
23 Sep, 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Join SIS family for an afternoon of fun, games and yummy treats!

Tarang 2018 Auditions
25 Sep, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

An annual cultural festival that showcases the talented students from SIM Global Education and other universities in Singapore.

EMBARK – Be The Captain Of Your Career!
26 Sep, 11:00am to 4:00pm

"Embark" is a special event where SIM-GE students will get to meet professional industry speakers to broaden their career horizons. Hailing from the Non-Profit, Hospitality and E-Commerce industries, these speakers will share insights within 10 minutes and engage students in a lively panel discussion.

Confidence & Self-Esteem Workshop Series
28 Sep, 3:00pm to 6:00pm

CFA Singapore Research Challenge (Season 2017-2018) Kick-off meeting
30 Sep, 9:00am to 1:00pm

CFA Institute Research Challenge is back again! SIM students who are interested to find out more about this competition are encouraged to sign up for their kick-off session.