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International Multicultural Mix (IMMIX)

International Multicultural Mix (IMMIX)

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SIM International Multicultural Mix(IMMIX) is where students of all nationalities and cultures are welcome to share and learn about diverse cultures and heritages while building a community of new bonds and friendships at the same time.

The goal of IMMIX is to promote cultural diversity here at SIM. Members are given opportunities to meet new people, develop leadership skills and forge close friendships, all while sharing cultures with each other and the community. Meetings and workshops are held in a relaxed and friendly environment. Some activities that are held to broaden knowledge and understanding across cultures include Chinese Calligraphy and Basic Korean and Japanese classes.



2014    Food Festival

2015    Chinese Calligraphy

2016    Trail of Nations

2017     Dinner with Santa

2018     Palau Ubin Forest Clean Up IMMIX x Eco-SIM

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