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SIM-UOS Student Council

SIM-UOS Student Council

The establishment of UOS Student Council aims to provide SIM-Stirling students with opportunities to experience a holistic school-life, beyond academic achievements.

The UoS Student Council is the representation of the voice of the Stirling student body, and we envision to co-create a unique SIM-Stirling identity. Through the upcoming social activities and events planned, we hope to provide members with the platforms and opportunities that are beneficial for them to build-up and hone their soft skills in a fun and engaging manner. With the focus on feedback and suggestions from the student as our main form of communication, our priority lies in our member’s well-being, needs, concerns and interest. We will continually work towards that goal in mind to cultivate an experience where we can grow together and forge long-lasting friendships.


Upcoming Events

Stirling Merchandise Sale

Freshmen Orientation Day 2022

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Instagram: @stirling__sc