Society of Mathematical Sciences

Did you have a budding interest in Mathematical Sciences you at a young age, only to be quashed by the stress of University life? Do you enjoy solving topology or Sudokus puzzles, but can’t find the time to do either? Maybe you’re a Brainiac with an eye for the messiest geometric diagrams and wackiest combinatorial games?

Whichever you are, you’ve come to the right place!

Founded in September 2019, SIM Society of Mathematical Sciences aims to promote learning and interest in the field of Mathematical Sciences beyond formal coursework. Besides fostering connections between members, especially those at different stages of academia, we assist members in following their chosen paths in the Mathematical Sciences Disciplines.

Key Past Achievements/ Events:

September 2019 Founded
October 2019 Introductory Social, ALGEBRA Mentorship programme
November 2019 Fibonacci Day
December 2019 Official Special Interest Club status granted
March 2020 Appreciation Night AY19/20

Social Media Links

Facebook: SIM Singapore Affairs Society

Instagram: @simsingaffairs