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SIM Lifesaving and Swimming is a platform for students to participate and excel in swimming and lifesaving competitions.

In Life Saving, members are trained to handle an array of equipment to perform various rescue operations. From a tow rescue to a board rescue, the life savers are equipped with resuscitation and first aid skills to deal with land and water based emergencies. The training sessions are conducted through fun and competitive still water and open water events.


Key Past Achievements


2017 National lifesaving championship – Still water

Div A Woman 100m Tow w Fins – Silver

Div B Woman 100m Tow w Fins – Bronze

Div B Woman 100m Carry w Fins – Bronze

Div B Woman 100m Rescue Medley – Gold

Div B Woman 50m Carry – Bronze

Div B Woman 200m Obstacle Swim – Bronze

Div B Woman 4×50 Medley Replay – Gold

Div B Woman 4x 50 Obstacle Relay – Silver

Div B Men 200m Obstacle Swim – Gold

Div B Men 100m Tow w Fins – Gold

Div B Men Line Throw – Bronze


2018 IVP-Men

50m Butterfly – Silver

100m Freestyle – Bronze

100m Butterfly – Silver

200m Butterfly – Gold

400m Freestyle Relay – Bronze

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