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SIM windsurfing club aims to promote the joys of windsurfing to all students.

Although windsurfing is an individual sport, SIM Windsurfing club competes with the goal of team cohesiveness- helping all members in the team better their skills. In addition, the club encourage students to take up windsurfing recreationally to take their mind off busy schedules and just to enjoy the sun, wind and sea.


Key Past Achievements

2017 Inter-Tertiary Windsurfing Championship

Women  4.0m – Gold

Men 4.0m – Silver

Mixed 7.8m Intermediate – Gold


2017  SouthWest Moonsoon Series 1

Women 4.0m – Gold

Women 5.6m – Bronze

Men 5.6m – Bronze


2017  SouthWest Moonsoon Series 2

Men 4.0m – Silver

Women 4.0m – Gold

Women 5.6m – Silver


2017  SouthWest Moonsoon Series 3

Women 4.0m – Silver


2017  NorthEast Monsoon Series 1

Women 4.0m Novice – Gold/Silver/Bronze

Men 4.0m Novice – Gold/Silver

Men 5.6m Intermediate – Bronze


2017  NorthEast Monsoon Series 2

Women 4.0m Novice – Gold

Men 4.0m Novice – Gold

Women 5.6m – Silver


2017  NorthEast Monsoon Series 3

Women 5.6m – Silver

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Facebook: SIM Windsurfing

Instagram: @simwindsurfingclub