Tea with Alice and her Wonderland characters

READERS of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have long been mystified by the fact that when the Cheshire Cat disappears, its smile is still seen. “This is no mystery, really,” says the Cat herself. “It means you remember the smile even when the person is no longer in your presence.”

You can spot these strange Anime characters like the Cheshire Cat (Rebecca Lo) when you wander around the SIM campus. The Cat can be seen with Mad Hatter (Chee Kar Leong), the Red Queen (Catherine Woo Kai Ting), White Rabbit Ryan (Avery Tan), Alice herself (Nang Moung Phoung) and other members of the SIM Anime & Gaming Club.

During that event in October 2015, Alice and her friends served tea, snacks and cakes to raise money for the Red Cross.