Understanding what drives the Singapore economy

WHAT BETTER way to understand how Singapore’s economy ticks than to hear from the country’s Chief Economist himself.


So, last year at the SIM student-organised Economics Summit, none other than Mr Edward Robinson, Assistant Managing Director (Economic Policy) and Chief Economist of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), spoke on Singapore’s monetary policy and explained how MAS manages the dollar’s exchange rate.


At the summit, a broad range of issues were also brought up by other leading economists:


Dr Joseph Djiwandono, professor at Nanyang Technological University, gave an insight into Indonesia’s economic outlook and its competitiveness within ASEAN. As the former Governor of Bank Indonesia and Indonesia’s State Minister of Trade, he shared with students his perspectives on areas which Indonesia needs to improve and the nation’s current standing among other countries.


Dr Prakash Kannan, Head of Economics from GIC gave an informative session on how GIC manages Singapore’s reserves and the impact of reserves on Singapore.


Dr Walter Theseira, senior lecturer at UniSIM, spoke on Singapore’s social and welfare policies.