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Sports & Fitness


This mysteriously passive, non-competitive, limited contact martial art is suitable for people of all ages and both genders.


A demanding sport that combines swimming and running, we compete in various biathlons and triathlons to test ourselves against the best.


We have both Learn-To-Play sessions and competitive teams for all badminton enthusiasts. Come join the fastest racquet sport in the world!


Inspire your fans and liven the crowd with your fancy dribbles, perfect passes and 3-point shots! Join this well-established sport and compete with us in various tournaments.


Whether you are seriously competitive or simply love the sport, train hard with us and see yourself embrace the sound of continuous strikes!

Canoe Polo

Five players, five canoes, one ball – this is an exciting water sport which combines basketball, water polo and canoeing.


This is a fun, outdoor sport for those who love the sun, the sand and the sea.


If you love 9-ball pool, then come down to our club! We train and play in a competitive, yet friendly environment, and would love nothing more than to increase the spread of our game.

Dragon Boat

One man, one paddle, one team – power in harmony is what we are.


If you have lightning fast reflexes, great hand-eye coordination and inhuman motor skills, you might just be a natural-born Fencer!


From our humble beginnings in 2005, we are now competing at top levels in SUniG & IVP! With a growing legacy, we wish to invite all of you to be a part of our story!


This fast-paced team game is coached by an experienced coach who will impart to you all the skills and techniques for this popular game.


Learn the gentle spirit of Judo and see it become a part of your studies, your lifestyle and your heart with confidence, mindfulness and equanimity.


Learn why Karate has inspired countless movies, video games and documentaries.

Lifesaving & Swimming

Swimming is one of the basic physical activities human beings have partaken in since time immemorial. Not only does it make us stronger physically, swimming also grants us the ability to help others, and even save lives, instilling a sense of self-belief into those who become one with the wave.

Muay Thai

With intense sparring sessions and training of the mind, learn to defend yourself, build your fitness, or strive to become a champion of the legendary martial art.


The game for ladies, we welcome fierce and casual competition alike. Regardless of which, we promise that you will find Netball to be the perfect sport.

Outdoor Adventure

Why do just one sport when you can experience kayaking, cycling, swimming, rock climbing and so much more?


A fascinating martial arts that can be practised for fitness, self defence or competition; Silat at SIM has grown from strength to strength.


One of the most intense of racquet sports, we have both recreational and competitive teams.


The ever-popular sport, our soccer team does not just train and play, but aspires to build a strong sense of kinship amongst our members.


Probably the most structured of all martial arts, it is a sport for both fitness and self-defence alike.

Table Tennis

Made popular by Singapore’s strong performance on the international scene, we have both recreational and competitive teams.

Track & Field

The mettle of an athlete is tested on the track and field, where we strive to develop our mental and physical potential to its fullest.


A non-contact handball game, similar to an amalgamation of handball, netball, and volleyball, this sport is quickly becoming a new must-see phenomenon at local sports events – join the craze!


The classic racquet sport – how else would you describe it? Whether you are just getting into the sport, or whether you already have some experience under your belt, this club is meant for all enthusiasts of the court!

Touch Football

Ladies, meet the fastest growing sport in Singapore as we play football the American way.

Ultimate Frisbee

A recently born sport at SIM, we have grown from a small club to competing in Perth, improving ourselves and increasing the breadth of our audience with both recreational and competitive teams playing every week.


One of the oldest sport in SIM and a popular game among schools in Singapore, this is a sport that is physically driven and demands strong team spirit. If you are interested or am already loving the sport, come join the team!


If you love to ride the waves and feel the wind, then there is no better way to sail out to the open seas.


One of the newest clubs, learn this ancient game of skill, cunning and brutal warfare embodied in a deceptively simple chess-like game.